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Dear whoever will listen:

I am writing to ask you to support the real NICK MOMS and DADS. The program NICKMOM aired on NICKR has upset several members of the target audience TODDLERS! On their behalf we are stressing our disagreement for the past X years; NICKJR has been a channel for toddlers that were on 24/7. Your company advertises on this program. Please research the kind of filth being aired. I doubt you would support such programming on a children’s network. For more info visit the NickMom FB page. You will see all the negative comments about the show.

The purpose of this movement is to move the program to another channel or cancel it altogether. Our toddlers should not hear foul mouthed mothers. For example, using words like; p*nis, f@ck, b#t@h, t@tt$%s, va@&na, as@$, damn and s@x! It is really inappropriate for our children? Yes all those words were heard on the all “preschool” channel.

I think that this is an important situation. It will benefit the community at large by assisting us in our movement. Several parents have formed webpages, petitions, face book events, and even groups. Here is the main link :

These are some comment quotes from the NICKMOM page:

*“TAKE OFF NICKMOM!!! IT'S GARBAGE! I had NO idea about Nickmom, and my 7 year old daughter was up on the weekend and she came in the bathroom while I was bathing her brothers and said " HAHA MOMMY YOU HAVE A BEAVER!!!!" I was like excuse me? I was VERY confused!!!!! And I asked her what she was talking about and I called my husband into the bathroom to watch our sons and she showed me where she got it from...... it was on NICK JR.!!! NICKMOM WAS ON!!!!! I WAS IN SHOCK!!!!!

*Are we ever going to get a response from them about what came over them to take our children's cartoons away? They can at least have the common decency to give us a reply. We just want our kids shows back at night time!

*I find your new nickmom offensive and cannot believe that you would put this on a channel that is supposed to be for children 24/7! You want to give moms a time out, yet you are disturbing the very little time I do get because my kids are no longer watching the kid shows that are supposed to be on your channel! So explain to me how your programming is supposed to give me some mom time! What makes you think that the offensive junk you put on there is how I would want to spend my momtime.... oh yes i would like to listen to crap for a few hours to relax! cancel your programming or at least put it on a channel that doesn't involve my preschooler! oh and just in case you decide to block me.... i have already called my satellite provider and signed any petition i can get my hands on against nickmom!

There are tons more. Please do your part to help!

Thank You

Linda (a concerned mom)


Jodi - posted on 10/11/2012




Linda, you have spammed this more than once. That's enough thank you. Technically, I could probably warn you for soliciting, but from what I can see, you are not gaining anything from this, BUT if you post it again, I will, and you will also be blocked.


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