doesn't understand any of the math in her first year of high school

Barbara - posted on 10/02/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have raised two grand daughters and the fourteen year old just does not understand the math. I have emailed the counselor to ask for any help at school and I get no response. My grand daughter is failing both maths. There is no tutoring in the school. This is a public school. She has to pass a math to get to 10th grade. I am thinking of Kumon to see if they can help. I don't understand why she is required to take this math. I feel like I am sending her to school to fail. She just doesn't get it. She has problems with lots of information coming fast to her and then sorting it (putting in order). This becomes a problem in dealing with multi-steps solving math problems. In anything in school if she doesn't know how to do it , she just doesn't do it. She and I can look at her grade book on line. We can see what papers have not been turned in, when they were given, and when they are due. It also shows us the percentage that counts toward her grade. She lies and will say she turned it in. I email the teachers and find out she has not turned the work in. So then we have words and the work gets done and she will get half a grade because it is late which is better than a zero. I just don't get it. Her grand father and I have always been there if she was stuck and needed help. I want her to do her work but it's a battle. She goes to therapy to work out dad not being a dad and mom left twelve years ago. I just don't know how to get through to her. I will not let her fail. I love her. I think she just thinks about her hair,boys, girl friends, and one direction. She has no cell phone nor her own computer. She uses mine when needed. Her dad sold her lab top that I put in layaway for her. He stopped paying for the phone she once had. She worked odd jobs at home and bought her ipod. The only thing she does other than go to school in sing in church. I just wish she would care about her school work. It's just her,her sister, papaw, and me.How is she going to be successful and graduate and further her education and become a productive women.


Amy - posted on 10/03/2012




Definitely get her into a tutoring program. Ask the teacher if they know anyone who has successfully completed the course and if they are interested in tutoring. When I struggled with math my parents hired a substitute math teacher who came to my house once or twice a week to help me understand it. Since you can see the assignments online I would just check daily and sit with her while she completes it. It sounds as if she's had a rough go of things but from what you wrote you truly want her to succeed, keep reaching out to everyone till you get her the help she needs.

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