doing it hard & on my own with no family/friends or support?!

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me & my partner for the last 3 years have done it so hard! we moved over from the uk 3 years ago with nothing, we have moved from gold coast to cairns to now living in melburne. on our way to melboure we crashed our car so now renting 1 wasting money that we dont have, we lost all our furniture and r starting with nothing!

my partner works mon-sat full time then goes to the gym i have no family / friends or support i feel lonely & stressed. i have not gone out in 3 years well probz 3x for less than 3 hours max i am with my kids 24/7 & would do anything for help.

i wish all the time for extra money so my kids can go into childcare so i can have alone time that i need desperatly & so i can find a job. we have 1 car & the past 3 years all i have done is stayed in the house which is depressing for me & the kids! the cost off everyday living is rising ie petrol, food shopping, rent rises, paying debt off & renting a car all off 1 wage! its so hard stressful & feellike i am the only person feeling the pinch right now even thou alot of other ppl r but most ppl have family to help having kids overnight or family gathering we do nothing, we never have any spare money or time alone togther as partners.

my kids fight all the time n i no its bcoz they r frushtrated! im lost seriously i know i am a strong woman iv been threw so much so i know i can cope but ijust needed to express how i feel.

i want to enjoy being with my kids n apprecate them but i spend so much time with them im just me, like they dont apprecate me at all they never listen to me ever n ye. ok iv had my winge on how i feel n what i am going threw n ill just keep on wishing for a car job & some extra cash lol!

love my kids & partner & wouldnt change it for the world just wish i could give my kids a better life ie communicating with other kids any1 other than there mother coz i no they r sick & tired & bored of me! i want them to feel excited when they see me...

thanks for reading this :) there is alot more on my mind but im sick of blabbing now... is any1 feeling what i am feeling?


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Louise - posted on 04/04/2012




Ashleigh you need to get out and find a mums and tots group in your area, these groups are normally run by the church but are not religious. Make the effort to go along and keep going until the other mums allow you into there little groups. It takes guts to go at first but once you make friends your kids can play and you can have some adult conversation. It would make such a difference to your life if you made friends you would not feel so isolated.

I dont know how the health care works over there but ring your equivalent to health visitor and ask about groups today. Then make the first move. These groups cost about a £1 per family as a token to the church for a cup of tea. I have made some great friends from these sort of mums and tots groups, and so can you.

It would provide you a break from just your own company and stimulate your kids too. Go on do it today and make a life for yourself.

Tina - posted on 04/03/2012




Yeah I know how you're feeling. I live in South Australia. I do have family but it's still hard. Struggling with depression barely leaving the house have a 21 months old and a 9 month old. We rent moved house around christmas into a house that had more room. Unfortunately the rent is rediculous thing have been tight and then to make things worse my partner has suffered with anxiety and depression. As a result. Ended up losing his job. There is more to it. Now things are even tighter. It sucks lately it's feel like no matter what we do things just seem to go back. Before we moved house we changed electrity companies, big mistake. We went back with our old company as a result. We were suppose to save money but we were overcharged. We went to the ombudsman the bill was suppose to be frozen while it was being disputed but they sent our account to debt collectors after arguing with them then finally speaking with one of the seniors at the energy company. They adjusted our bill we've paid the final bill and last night get another call from debt collectors it's so frustrating no one can do their job. It's seems like 1 step forward 2 steps back. But hopefully things will look up again soon. I was just sticking the kids in the pram and going for walks even just to go get stuff from the shops, atleast I got out of the house. But now my partner is at home. I really leave the house once a week to do the shopping. I hope things look better for you and your family soon.

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