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Dolores - posted on 07/17/2012




I have a daughter thats diagnosed with sod she was diagnosed at the age of one I just couldn't figure why she wouldn't focus when I took her well baby check up I brought it up to the docs att he said there was nothing wrong, some babies just have a little trouble with their vision at their early years ! Well I was not convinced of that I had other children and that never happened, finally I insisted that my baby checked again, sure enough she was diagnose with sod and schydsensephally ,oh my god how could they not know, all this time well anyway my baby,s name is nevaeh she,s 6yrs old she will turn 7 july31st she,s the most beautiful little girl she takes no medsI refused to use a wheelchair they offered it to her at the age of one didn't even wait to see if she was going to walk they offered her a walker at 1 yrs old I pushed all that a side put it all up and gave her a chance to do things on her own with therapist and all the love help and attention that we give this little girl she now walks on her own she,attended school at the age of the 3yrs old she is 6 hrs old very slim she weights 34lbs she's on pediasure formula she eats very small portions we take about an hour or so to feed her but we don't mind we don't want her on a feeding tube we have no problem feeding her,she,s the love of my life,by the way,she,s my granddaughter I have raised her since birth,I don't like to say she,s my granddaughter she call,s me mama, and my husband daddy she,s a very smart little girl she knows all parts of her body she let's me know what she likes and dislikes we have ways to communicate and her favorite word is I'm fine and she rubs her tummy thats one of the ways she let's me know everything is fine with her.

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