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I'm pretty worried - I have a 9 year old daughter who has had recurrent UTIs since the age of 5. Some daytime incontinence and never has had a dry night (that's actually hereditary though.)

Anyway, no one, including pediatrician, Urology nurse practitioner and one urologist ever even suggested this condition or the tests to rule it out. But after reading more about it, the symptoms really do make sense.

I guess because her symptoms started at age 5, hers would be considered 'secondary VUR". Do most kids need surgery for this type?

A very scared mom

They weren't present at birth, so does that mean she had an infection that caused secondary VUR?


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Claudia - posted on 01/16/2014




Thank you SO much, Megan for taking the time to respond. Our pediatrician, while she's great and we've been with her now for almost 12 years, hasn't really offered much other than treating the symptoms.

We're doing Myralax now and will keep doing that. I guess with girls, constipation is more likely to bring UTIs- that's my main concern- that my daughter continues to take antibiotics. The other stuff (daytime and nightime incontinence) seems pretty benign and I wouldn't be as concerned as I am.

Anyway, let's hope that this new urologist provides some answers.

Oh and the book reccomendation is great- I just ordered.

Thanks again-

All the best to you as well-

Megan - posted on 01/15/2014




First, sending a hug. Try not to jump to conclusions. Call your doctor and mention your concerns. Have the facts written down so you don't forget anything. Daytime incontinence and nightly bedwetting are still pretty common childhood issues, even at age nine. I have a child who had similar symptoms (not uti's though) it turned out that constipation was a major issue. And frankly I didnt even realize he had a constipation issue. But the doctor had me treat my child with miralax for two months and the daily incontinence went completely away. We then used a bedwetting alarm at night. He went from being wet every single night to completely dry in about 8 weeks. This book might be helpful
Good luck, stay calm, you and your pediatrician need to be a team you should share your concerns.

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