Don't have residential custody of my children but my abusive husband does

Ami - posted on 09/07/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I really need advice on where to get help to have physical, legal and residential custody of my 2 children in a very corrupt system!
I have been with my husband 20 years, married for 10 and have 2 children ages 10 & 9. I have always been the primary and only parent involved in raising them, day to day, educational, medical, extra curricular ect and mainly a stay at home mom who worked part time to help with some expenses. I have stayed in this very controlling and abusive relationship because I thought it was best for kids and was afraid of him and had no kind of financial independence as everything we own is in his name and he has complete control of all $. One of our many arguments turned physical and I was forced to hit him on the head to escape his grasp and I was scared for my life. He laughed and told me I'd never see my kids again and left so I locked doors and when I wouldn't let him back in he had cops come and arrest ME! Although I explained to officer I had no choice but to defend my self I was arrested, considered the aggressor and was made to leave home and kids by restraining order, because the officer was a friend of his. After numerous attempts to cross file charges over next 2 days I was repeatedly told I wasn't allowed until a non-friend officer saw how badly I was bruised from this beating. I finally had photos taken and he was charged but since I was the initial person arrested and r/o against the judge gave him house and custody. Did I mention that he showed up with a pricy attorney and I have no means to get one. This was 4 months ago! I have not been allowed in my home and have had to fight like crazy to have joint custody of my kids. I am living with my mother with no income, none of mine or kids things even though he is well off and owns many rental properties. He and his lawyer have threatened and bullied and lied since day one and not one single person of authority has heard me out. My kids r being raised by an awful man who lies cheats and steals for a living and the attorney (male) whom I'm in debt to has taken me for a ride as well. My daughter is autistic and their lives have become a sort of punishment to them all because my controlling abusive husband wanted to be with other people and not pay child support. I need help, and have lost all hope in the law and court!

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