Don't know what to do about my dude.

Dani - posted on 12/28/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I'm now 9 months pregnant, and ready to "pop" any day. I'm suffering from intense PGP and Idiopathic intracranial hypertension, and I'm to be on bed rest.
The house is a mess, its been getting worse every day and no matter how much I try and get done, I can only do so much. My husband works and I'm fully dependant on him ( which I absolutely hate, because I cannot stand not having my own money ) and I feel guilty when I ask him to help me around the house.

During the holidays he promised to dedicate the 4 days he had off to helping me get everything done, and he has done nothing but play videogames to the wee hours of the morning. Last night he promised me that since today was his last day off he would not play any game and help me around the house, but guess what was the first thing he did this morning? Yep. Videogames.

I've sat him down multiple times and told him how I felt, he acts like he understands and I ask him if there's anything bothering him or if he needs anything from me.. He blames himself promises me that he will do better and get things done but he always turns right around and does the same thing.

Everything is a bloody mess. We don't have a lot of things for the baby. He buys and spends $$$ on useless things and then we don't have enough money to get the things we need.. I'm so stressed, I'm in so much pain and I'm so tired of waiting for him to show me that he can actually do something...

I'm scared I'm going to be taking care of a newborn the way a single mother would...

I've talked to him, I've begged him, Ive cried to him, I've yelled, nagged and even tried to let him play his video games till he's bored.. But nothing works..

Please help.

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