Don't Touch my Baby


James - posted on 12/15/2013




I was at Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens with my wife today. We were just leaving and a 61 year old man came up to handle my child's toes in his stroller. Creepy. It gets worse. After I pulled some pants out for him to wear the man unbuckles him from the stroller saying "I know the drill," let me help, picking him up. NOT OKAY. I almost drilled him. But, I like my freedom, so I touched his hand and said I had this one. He was still reluctant to give him back.
His name is Patrick he's a regular at Huntington and likes to hang out with his sister, probably because he's socially inept. Dude next time I am going to snatch my kid back and show him how to throw a punch. Arrest me, fine. But if I have to fear for my liberty so another person can't take liberties with my own son, then so-beit. When good people can't stand up for themselves for fear of being sued, or jailed that's hell on earth. It's my kid, don't tread.

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