Dont know where to begin...Lost regarding my kids, elderly mother and all

Anna - posted on 12/21/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am fighting a custody battle with my ex huband who abused my children. He has supervised visitations..yet a cell phone that he gave them and instucts them verbateum on the kids beating me and lying about me and our home. Courts say that I am not allowed to take the kids phone when they act out. like i do with the game console. My life is a living hell. My elderly mother has early onset dementia. She decided to give my home and all my possesions to my druggie brother I have not seen in 26 years. He arrived at my home ready to move in and was very violent to me to get me off my own property.Even after I told him immediatly that he is not welcome at my home. Then it comes out that my mother has now asked this druggie to kill me because I stand in the way of his inheritance. She is mean and verbally abusive to me on a daliy basis. She steals from me. And last to happen she began beating on me when I told her that she is going to have to live with one of her other kids. I never touched her. Then My two children beat me up also. To the point I ended up in the hospital.I am tired of fighting for my kids and exhausted of taking care of my mother. I am still trying to heal from the sudden death of my husband. Then this with my druggie brother, and being beaten by my kids and her. They all three lied to the police about me..Not a one of them had any marks and I am the one who was beaten severly. My family is messed up and I am just so exhausted of all of this. I have reported to the courts of the stuff my ex has encourged my kids to do and say to me...repeditly..I have reported this. I have asked for help conerning this...and it just falls on deaf ears.SO currently here I am in a safe house along with my one wittness who saw the whole thing. My mother is at my home with my druggie brother because the police told her that she can have anyone live in my house because that is where she lives right now. My mother is not poor she does have a few of her own houses that she can live in ...I just cant take care of her worsening dementia and all that goes with it. and try to get my kiddos taken care of..and first of all I am not able to take care of myself..

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