Dont you just hate cancer?

Soky - posted on 12/23/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




My mother in law is such a great person. She tries to do her best and give her kids everything they need and want. It makes me very emotional to say that she has stage 4 breast cancer. She is dying slowly... we are trying to mentally prepare ourselves for what will happen in the near future... It is sooo hard to see a love one battling cancer. I am hoping for a Xmas miracle. She treats me like her own daughter which is just beautiful since my mother isnt in my life.

She is just a beautiful person and all I need is that everyone who has read this just pray that there will be some sort of miravcle.




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I know what you're feeling! My senior year in high school, I lost both my mentor and my grandfather 13 days apart over the Christmas break. My mentor was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer 2 weeks before Christmas and she died 2 days after Christmas. My grandfather was in the hospital (emphyzema, not cancer) 2 days before Christmas and died On January 9th. It is so hard to have to deal with this stuff, but I think having to deal with it over the holidays is even worse. PM me if you need to just talk or whatever. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.


Angela - posted on 12/26/2010




I am sorry to hear!!! We never had 'cancer' in the family until my grandmother got Ovarian cancer and died from it as it was detected late. My mother was also diagnosed with Ovarian and Uterine cancer but in the early stages and is now (and has been for a year) in remsission. We prayed everyday that she would see this through and our prayers were answered! I am now getting some genetic councilling to see what my future holds (in regards to cancer) and what my next step is. Keep thoughts are with you and your family xo

Shelby - posted on 12/25/2010




Im so sorry! My father is currently in the hospital with kidney cancer. He had one of them removed. Cancer is a mightmare! Stay strong, the last thing she probably wants is to see everyone she loves hurting. I know its easier said then done.

Amber - posted on 12/23/2010




I'm sorry Soky. My prayers are with you. My father is now also battling with cancer...My heart goes out to you and your family!

Emily - posted on 12/23/2010




So sorry to hear that. No doubt about it, cancer sucks. My grandmother passed away slowly and painfully from ovarian cancer.

Charlie - posted on 12/23/2010




Soky I am so sorry , my heart really goes out to you and your family , Cancer is hard and heartbreaking thing to go through , My father who was also my best friend passed away last Tuesday from his battle with Cancer .

All my thoughts are with you I hope she finds the strength to pull through ♥

Jodi - posted on 12/23/2010




I am really sorry to hear this Soky. A friend of mine was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer last year, and unfortunately passed in May this year. It was a difficult Christmas for her friends and family last year too. It was also decided to throw a big bash for her 39th birthday, because it was unlikely she would make it to her 40th. It is a horrible time, but the best you can do it make it as special as you can for her and the family and keep hoping for that miracle. Make as many happy memories as you can, and love her :)

Katherine - posted on 12/23/2010




Hugs and prayers. My mom and aunt both had breast cancer and so did my grandma.

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