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Door slamming

Susan - posted on 01/04/2011 ( 15 moms have responded )




My son is 4 years old and autistic. He is constantly slamming or banging his door into the wall. I have tried ignoring it, spanking, talking, telling him NO and nothing seems to work.

If anyone else has had this behavior from your child, I would love to hear what you did to correct the behavior!


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The first step you could try is making him open and close the door properly 10 times each time he bangs/slams it. If that fails....Take the door off the hinges.

Mary - posted on 01/07/2011




It seems like it is probably a self stimming activity for him. Either he likes the sound as it helps him block out other things or he likes the feel in his arm. You might want to look for something else he can get a similar physical sensation from. Such as a Bop Bag. I agree with Carolyn to see if it happens at any specific times to see if you can minimize triggers. I know having an austistic child can be challenging and isolating I hope you have some support in your community. if not there are many online support groups. I would avoid spanking whenever possible especially with an autistic child as all it teaches is that it's OK to hit someone if you are bigger. Best of luck.

Meadow - posted on 01/05/2011




Have you tried the wall bumpers? They look like half a plastic ball stuck to the wall to stop the noise. i know that with some autistic kids some things just don't "Click".

Fiona - posted on 01/12/2011




Hello, My son has been diganosed with High functioning Autisim. Why is your son slamming the door ?are there any triggers befroe he is slamming the door? We looked at why our son was doing the things he was doing and found that sometimes he was just being naughty like a normal kid. But 9/10 times it was because he was frustrated, and he was having sensory issues or communication problems. Once we worked out what was frustrating (This was also frustrating.) We used pictrues and social stories to ease his frustration. It could be he just likes the noise, or he is having senosry issues, get him a drum if the banging and vibration help your son ease his feelings. Or try a pedatrician who is experienced in Children with Autisim Good Luck

Carolyn - posted on 01/07/2011




I do not agree with the spanking. An Autistic child needs something they can repeat over and over without getting into trouble for it. What I would like to see you do is find out what sets him off to do these door slamming incidents before they happen. If you can redirect or channel his feelings into something positive or acceptable. You may get some progress with his behavior. Your area may have some free classes you can take on the subject that may help you deal with him. I know my Daycare center had to attend classes for that topic in particular. You can't avoid what you need to do. It does not get any easier as they get older if you don't handle up on it now. It would be worth asking about with your area schools will have some material to help. He will need it when he does have to go to school & that is a huge adjustment. Most children in his shoes do not like change as it is, much less a new environment. Good luck I hope you find the help you need.


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Elle - posted on 01/17/2011




I have a 12yr old autistic child. My child worked with an occupational therapist who specialized in working with autistic children. She said it was part of the sensory system that caused this. she did things to help with the sensory seeking behavior and he doesn't bang stuff any more. However, in the meantime take his door off the hinges and give him a curtain instead/ or put foam on his wall behind the door knob (or take his knob off). You have to think of how you can fix the environment to help you.

Peggy - posted on 01/10/2011




I have a 3 year old Aspergers boy and I just put the rubber door handle bumpers on, and If he still slammed them (closed) I removed them for 6 months and then he just stopped when I put them back up! I hope that helps

Amy - posted on 01/10/2011




If it was me I would put a latch up the top of the door where my child couldn't reach, this way the door stays open and against the wall and cannot be pull back and forth

Iridescent - posted on 01/08/2011




Foam thingies that go over the doors for super bad days. - this is similar to what we bought. I have two autistic children, one is 11 and one is 3. Depending on the severity of his autism vs the sensory need, you may not be able to stop the behavior, only find ways to cope yourself. You can also remove the doors; we did that as well for some rooms.

While sometimes it feels necessary, spanking really doesn't help autistic children at all unless they're pretty high functioning and able to connect the punishment with the offense. Mine are not, and they're not on the most severe end of it either.

Everything said, I personally love slamming doors. But not all day as an OCD habit; simply when I need to on occasion. So when we build our new house this coming year, we intend to keep the heavy hardwood doors we have so I can get a satisfying slam the first time, and not feel the urge to slam it 90 times for one good bang! Lol!

You may want to speak with OT and have a sensory evaluation done on your son as well if it hasn't already been done, and find some positive outlets for repetitive behavior. It helps a lot for reducing unwanted behaviors. I know I jump all over in this post...sorry.

Chelsea - posted on 01/08/2011




My favorite, remove the door, if you think he needs privacy use a sheet or if you want to keep him in his room at night or for time out use a baby gate, they come in different hights

Renae - posted on 01/07/2011




Put a soft closing hinge on it, remove the door altogether, put in wall bumpers or door blocks.

Firebird - posted on 01/05/2011




My six year old is Autistic and she had a door slamming problem too. You know those little carpeted stickers that you put on the bottom of chairs so they don't wreck your kitchen floor? They come in strips too, so I put one along a 2 inch section of her door frame to dampen the noise. As soon as she couldn't make noise with the door, she stopped slamming it so much. We also have wall bumpers so she can't damage the wall.

Tabby - posted on 01/05/2011




We used to slam our doors when we were growing up (I have 2 sisters). One day my mom got so fed up she took the doors off the hinges and put them in the garage. I know you said your son was autistic but maybe he needs to SEE a consequence that's directly related to slamming the door to make him understand. I know it only took about 5 minutes for us to swear we'll never do it again and trust me... we never slammed another door lol

JuLeah - posted on 01/05/2011




Somehow block the door so it can't slam .... door jams, or stoppers. Telling him No and spanking will never ever work. You need to change the enviornment; out smart the situation

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