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Im a new mommy my little girl is two and im not married but have been living with my man for 6 years. But i feel so alone, im a stay at home mom and i love it but even though i live with my inlaws too it.........just feels lonely. My boyfriend is the one with a job, he pays for everything and then he acts like he doesnt have to help raise our daughter or do anything. Is it just me and im being to hard or is it just normal????


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It can get lonely being a sahm. Sometimes you feel like everyday is the same..clean,wash,play with child etc. But once you have friends with kids it gets more fun..and sometimes difficult as well. Try get out and meet other moms on the playground. I try doing something new everyday. Painting together,making soap together,baking etc.
If you feel your boyfriend isn't helping you enough,talk to him. Tell him you need some help and also tell him its good for him to bond with his daughter. He could start rituals like bedtime stories or taking her swimming once a week. My hubby always takes a bath in the evening and gets our son ready for bed. He goes swimming with him once a week and occasionally he takes our son to the stadium to watch soccer matches. That way he gets daddy -son time and I get son time for myself.
Don't be scared to ask for more help.! Sometimes men need a reminder. And yes he works for money..but you are also working. Being a mom and running the household is also alot of work. Good luck

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