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Im a new mommy my little girl is two and im not married but have been living with my man for 6 years. But i feel so alone, im a stay at home mom and i love it but even though i live with my inlaws too it.........just feels lonely. My boyfriend is the one with a job, he pays for everything and then he acts like he doesnt have to help raise our daughter or do anything. Is it just me and im being to hard or is it just normal????


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With summer coming, hopefully you will be able to get out a little more and hang out at the park or somewhere that you can interact with more people. Being a SAHM is a job. And you should be able to get a break once in a while where your BF, or his parents, or babysitter, whomever can watch the kid and give you some free time. Just because your BF works doesn't give him an excuse to not be a father. He should want to spend time bonding with his daughter. He may be a little afraid, if he doesn't have experience around children (but never point out to him that he's afraid). Maybe you need to ease him into it by leaving him with her for 10 minutes while you run an errand. If that seems to go well a few times, begin increasing the time to 30 minutes to soak in the bath or something. Work up to once a week where daddy has two hours with his daughter of play time or time cuddling on the couch watching a show, or helping teach her some new words... just spending time with her. He may decide he actually enjoys it, and he may have a new respect for just how much effort it takes for you being with the child all day long. Once he seems to get more comfortable with his daddy skills, maybe you can enroll in a class that meets once a week. That may help you not feel as lonely, if you can get some interaction with other people outside of being a mom. You and your BF also need to get out once in a while for some alone time together. You need to stay connected as parents, and as partners, to strengthen your relationship. Right now, it seems like you don't feel that he's supportive of you, and that can make you feel more lonely.

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