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Hi, I have a newborn baby sister who has down syndrome. Can anyone tell me what my dad and step mom can expect? My own daughter has a friend with down syndrome but I'm not comfortable asking his parents and I don't want to get the wrong information online. Can anyone tell me what they can expect??


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I agree that there are different levels even though the "experts" told me otherwise. My daughter reads,writes ,and goes to various clubs ,special needs and mainstream. Just last week her care worker told me that we should be aiming at semi independence in the future.

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I'm not an expert at all, but I have two cousins who have down syndrome. Both of them had to have heart surgery when they were really young, only a year or two. Other than that, they've been normal kids (at least from my point of view growing up with them, I'm 30), just a bit slower to walk, talk, read, etc. They are 28 and 32 and both still live with their parents. My cousin on my dad's side is the one I know better. She's a sweetie, she's 28 years old, but she seems more like a 7 or 8-year old in her mind. She likes to joke around with people and be teased. (nicely, obviously) She can read at a 2nd grade level, and she does chores around the house and has some friends. She loves watching movies and making scrapbooks, and my other cousin's life is taken up with motorcycle magazines, drinking Coke, riding his 4-wheeler and listening to music.

I think there are different levels of severity. I've heard that some people with Downs Syndrome can eventually live somewhat independently in a community-living type setting, and of course many have jobs, too.

I hope you and your parents can really enjoy your new baby sister. Congratulations!

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Hi, I,m the mum of a daughter with downs syndrome (now 13) and I,ll give you the same advice I was given when she was born . Treat her as you would any child because the downs need not be a big issue. She may have some other health problems or she may not , but mum and dad will cope cos its what we do. She will bring so much love you,ll wonder what you were worried about. Good luck ,

Krista - posted on 04/20/2012




I really don't know much about Down Syndrome, but I did find a reliable, reputable online source for you. It's the National Down Syndrome Society of America.

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