Dr. Jekylll and Mr. Hyde..but cuter

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Hello Moms!

My darling little daughter (21 months) has recently started to just lose her ever loving mind for absolutely no reason. Yesterday..it was because I put on slippers. This caused her to cry and try to pull my slippers off for the better of 5 minutes. Then..she was fine. When I tell her that she can't do something that she wants to do..she starts kicking..or hitting everything in her range. I try holding her hands and say "no hitting. We do not hit in our family." (Or do the same thing with her feet) Then try to draw her attention to something else...or just walk away if she is in a safe place. Anyone have any suggestions? It passes fairly quickly.. but I really don't like these patterns!


Dove - posted on 03/11/2016




You are doing fine... and she's perfectly normal. In addition to the 'no hitting' thing that you already do... I would add 'be gentle' and then show her gentle by using her hand to stroke your cheek. That will likely only help if she's hitting when she's not in the middle of a fit though. If she's hitting because she's flailing about and screaming... walking away and ignoring her for a few minutes would probably work better.

This phase could last a few months... or it could last a couple of years (really depends on the kid and other factors). Stay calm and consistent.... and breathe! ♥

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