Drink ideas for a very fussy 2 year old

Danielle - posted on 08/13/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi ladies

Im really struggling to find something for my 2 year old to drink, at the moment he's a really big squash (juice) monster and will drink nothing but that!..I mean, cups and cups of it.

The problem with this is that his poop get so acidic it burns his bottom, he's extremely fussy and won't drink milk (he stopped at 1) or water. We have tried everything to try and get him to drink water but he's just not into it, we've also tried flavoured milk which he didn't like at all!

What does everyone else give their 2 year olds to drink?



Dove - posted on 08/13/2014




Water. If you take all the juice out of the home and only offer water... he will drink it when he is thirsty enough. It should still be diluted w/ water at LEAST 50/50 (if not more water than juice) anyway. There is more damage from so much juice than just acidic poop. It is horrible for his teeth and way too much sugar (yes, even 100% juice).

He doesn't need milk as long as he's getting enough cheese, yogurt, etc... but his body needs water. Period. You just have to stay firm and do what's necessary for him.

I had a friend w/ a 3 year old w/ a 'juice addiction'... it took about 3 hard weeks to break, but then he LOVED water... especially w/ ice.

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