Drinking coffee during pregnancy and hyper babies

Engy - posted on 05/09/2012 ( 15 moms have responded )




Hi, I would very much like to know your cases if you were drinking coffee regulary during pregnancy and found your babies hyper compared to other babies. The thing is that I am addicted to my coffee, but dink only one cup a day. I read before that coffee as long as two cups a day does not affect the baby's healt, but could make him hype after bearth. What do you think?


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For my first pregnancy I quit drinking coffee almost completely even though I too read that up to two cups a day was fine, because I was paranoid. My son was so active in the womb that people were always laughing at me because anyone standing within six or eight feet of me could actually see him kicking! My stomach was constantly visibly moving. Haha. And now at 2.5 he's about the most hyper active child I've ever known. In my second pregnancy I NEEDED to coffee to keep up with the son I already had and I wasn't as paranoid, so I drank one cup a day and just made it a little weak with cream to cover the weak taste. My second son was MUCH milder in the womb. Now, at 15 months, while he is very curious and "busy", he's still very laid back and not at all hyper like my older son. I'm not a doctor, but my personal experience has been that the caffeine I drank during pregnancy had no bearing on how hyper my boys turned out. But I would second what someone said about breastfeeding. If you BF, just keep an eye on how it affects your baby, because it can cause gas and upset stomach and you may have to time your morning coffee around  baby's feeding schedule. Some babies aren't affected by it, some are, so just be in tune to that if you do BF.

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In my three pregnancies I have only seen a reaction to caf beverages within the first half hour/hour after drinking it.
Honestly, most kids are psycho. Just plan for it ;)

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Oh, right. I didn't drink pop much at all, following the "1 coffee or 1 pop" rule. I didn't limit chocolate, however. :)

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Oh yeah, and my sister in law followed the "no caffeine during pregnancy or nursing" rule and her kids are nuts. Haha, I love 'em though!

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I had the opposite happen -- I quit caffeine in advance of doing IVF because that's supposed to improve your chances, and then stayed off it throughout my pregnancy ... and I got the most hyper baby on the planet :P In fact, she was even hyper in the womb -- it was like being pregnant with an octopus who did gymnastics all day long! And go figure, she's almost 10 now and is still like that. Somehow I'm thinking it wasn't too much caffeine that made her that way.

The thing I did find was that after she was born, whenever I drank coffee (tea didn't seem to have the same effect) she would get super cranky. My personal theory is that if she'd had some low-level caffeine exposure in utero, that wouldn't have happened, but what do I know?


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12 cup pot of coffee and then some both pregnancies, son has asd/pdd/nos/adhd daughter has anxiety and a few others that are traced back to genetics. No hyperness no unusual behavior linked to the caffaine. What caffaien can be linked to is a more active baby in your womb as it is a stimulant, and remember whatever you take in baby gets to. However since it is an ingested and disposed of via bodily functions, I personally dont see the harm in it except you get a more active belly when you want to rest. Call me misinformed but this is just my experience. Oh and I smoked too, if any of you want to go wild with that as well. Normal birth weights and no asthma, everything else is a product of genetics and familial/outside sources.

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I drank coffee from about the 3rd month onwards and my daughter is about average for her age. Definitely not hyperactive, although like most kids she has her moments. From what I understand, the main concern is actually low birth weight. Since I drank coffee through the first pregnancy and my daughter was 9 lbs, I'm definitely drinking coffee in this pregnancy because I can't imagine having a bigger baby. Usually I have a cup a day, sometimes two on the weekends. I don't drink pop and I'm not much of a chocolate eater, so coffee is my only source of caffeine. When I make coffee on the weekends, I make a half decaf, half full caffeine mix so that I can get away with an extra cup.

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I drank coffee/pop with all four of my pregnancies. Only one of my kids ended up hyper, so I really doubt the caffeine had anything to do with it. I did notice that the activity level that they showed in utero was very indicative of their personalities after birth.

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I don't drink coffee, never have and my son was crazy hyper. He bruised my ribs from inside and he would kick and move that much that people could see the outline of his feet and hands everytime he moved. I had people staring at my belly because he did not stop moving. He's 4 now and still the same.

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I drank most of one cup of coffee most mornings throughout my pregnancy with my son, although not in the first trimester. (because it grossed me out) My son is an energetic boy (he's 2), but I wouldn't say he's overly hyper, neither now nor when he was a baby.
I think if you just stay with a small cup of coffee per day you should be fine. That's what the midwives told me.

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I drank coffee all through my pregnancy and my son isn't any more hyper than any other 4 year old. One thing I did though, was to go from regular coffee to "Lite". Most brands of coffee make a "Lite" version, which is 1/2 the caffeine, so you can still have your cup or two a day and not over-caffeinate yourself (or the baby). The lite coffee tastes the same as regular, and even better, costs the same. Unlike decaff, which is much more expensive than regular.

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I drank coffee though both of my pregnancies and my kids aren't hyper. The only time I found it to be a problem is when I was breastfeeding for the first two months both kids would be irritable so I just waited to have my coffee after they went down for their morning nap.

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I agree with Louise. I am 33 weeks pregnant and usually drink one cup of tea in the morning, but I will treat myself to 2 or 3 decaf coffees within the week. Decaf doesn't have much caffeine in it and to me it tastes the same as regular.

Louise - posted on 05/09/2012




As you are aware coffee is a stimulant and drinking it can raise blood pressure and alter sleep patterns. As you know the harmful part is caffeine which is also found in tea and chocolate. If you drink decaffe then there is no risk at all to you or your baby.

I am not a coffee drinker but I do know that my husband used to drink about 12 cups a day at the office and would visibly shake on a saturday and sunday when he was at home. He also had severe headaches and felt terrible. He switched to decaffe and now he is fine. I would reccomend that you stuck to one cup a day or switch to decaffe because if the caffeine is in your blood stream it is in your babies too!

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