Dropping at 32 weeks?

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I am 32 weeks pregnant with my second child. My daughter dropped at 36 weeks and was born at 37. I am pretty sure my son dropped today. I lifted my leg to put on my underwear after a shower and felt this sliding motion from inside the womb then had to pee like never before. And his movement since then has been lower than it has been since early in the pregnancy. If I did drop does this mean I am going to have him soon? Or could it still be a while? Has anybody else dropped this early?


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Hi i don't know if this will help, but my little girl was head down and very low from 32 weeks, if i remember she was engaged by 34 weeks, and she was in there til 38 weeks. :)

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? did you have your son at 33 weeks, my son dropped a few days ago and im 32 weeks tomorrow and its hard to walk. did you son come early?

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I dropped with my daughter, my first child, at 32 weeks also. She was born 11 days late!! I imagine it may be different with a second child, but I still don't think you have anything to worry about unless you're also getting contractions or leaking any fluid. If either of those things are happening then you definitely need to see your doctor.

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That is a tuff one but I would certainly be contacting your dr to see if you can get in to see him. He would be the one answer that question. Hopefully It does not mean anything. Either way try not to stress it won't do you or the baby any good. There is many other signs that he could look for to see If he might need to start you on steroids or what ever there called to help develope the babies lungs. Well not sure if this is any help. But Good luck hang in there.. :-)

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i dont really know if its going to mean your are going to have the baby sooner. when i was pregnent with my first son, he didnt drop, he was always very low. He was full turm, born on his due date. my second son i didnt feel drop at all, and he was born at 36 weeks. i had to be checked out right away cuz my water broke and i wasnt in labor, when the doctor looked he could already see his head, so much so that him and my husband(who also looked) told me that my soon to be new son had brown hair.

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I never felt my baby drop because she was extremely low from the beginning. She was born on her due date :) If you're concerned or see any signs of preterm labor I would talk to your doctor.

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