drug addict babyfather

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my daughter is 2 and a half
her father can't seem to get his life together
he left me when i was 3 weeks pregnant and relapse came back when i was 7months pregnant just to leave again missing the birth of his daughter. I found out he was hospitalized because he owed some dealers money they beat him up for it extremely bad.
he has been hospitalized twice so far in his daughters life . he's on medication to help him stay clean but i am fearful because of the side affects of each medication he's on. his mom tries to help support her granddaughter but it's really a major help. honestly she only wants to see her and be around her when my Babyfather is around rarely any visits or phone calls. i have an older brother thats an addict but very functional compared to my BD
honestly he's not functional because everytime he has an issue going on in his life the drugs are the first thing he turns too.
am loosing myself day by day knowing the person he turns into on drugs stealing from friends family girlfriends even robbing a deli with a weapon for money for drugs .
I'm at the point where i can't trust him or his family around her anymore i feel like they will do anything to keep gim him clean including useing our daughter to keep him clean because they still want him around.
please any advice or support would really help


~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/30/2015




That is a really tough situation. I am sorry you and your daughter are having to deal with this. I guess the real question is, what do you WANT to do? You could get a lawyer (which you should) and petition for full custody. If the grandparents want visitation, you can set up for supervised visits. There is a lot available, but it just depends on how you want to deal with this.

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