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Sophie - posted on 01/23/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




How can I help my 25 years old addicted son? I just found out he is addicted to heroine.
I must find a good free rehab, since we don't have any income. Please advise.


Brittney - posted on 01/23/2014




Hi Sophie! I have a 23 year old brother who is a drug addict and my marriage also fell apart due to my husband being a drug addict. Have you ever been to or considered going to alanon meetings? I started going at 17 because the guy I was dating was an addict and went to aa so I was just being a supportive girlfriend and learning what I could about addiction and how to be there for someone with an addiction without enabling. I am now 27 years old and am so thankful for that experience at such a young age. First of all does your son want help and want to go to rehab! There are rehabs that are free and good ones at that! My brother was covered on my parents insurance but the deductible was 1500 but if he wasn't on their insurance it was free!! Which is crazy but he chose not to get the help! If you contact someone from your home town local AA group they could point you in the right direction and also a mental health facility could as well and that is free information! Also google rehab facilities in your home town and contact them telling them your financial situation and also your sons addiction and they will work with you to get your son the help he needs! I hope you get some answers and find the help your son needs. Good luck and best wishes!


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Roomy - posted on 02/05/2014




wow there are so many posts, I wish I could help everyone, yours is first, I am a non using addict, hopefully I can bring you comfort and hope write me at creeksrising at hot mail dot com

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 01/23/2014




Sophie, this is going to be difficult, but you have to realize that the only way rehab is effective is when the person themselves hits rock bottom and is ready to change. Until then, you will be fighting an uphill battle that you may not win.

For yourself and the rest of the family, you can contact alanon for support groups.

Your son is an adult. Legally, you cannot force him into rehab, you cannot force him into a group home, you cannot force him to give up the destructive habit. HE has to want to do it before it will work. In order to get him to that point, he needs to start spending some time in jail for his drug use, he needs to hit rock bottom.

DO NOT try to stage an intervention with him, unless you use a professional. This can be dangerous, physically, to yourself and other concerned parties.

Once your son hits that rock bottom point of no return, and asks for help, THEN you get him into a good rehab program. And support his efforts to stay clean. He may need to completely relocate to a new area where he doesn't have any drug buddies, because relapses happen more often when they remain in the living/working/playing situation they were in prior to rehabbing.


My husband is a 26 year recovered meth addict. He did it cold turkey, and he did it on his own. BUT, he also did it on his own terms. I met him a few days after he started. We hung out, we sort of dated, and I told him that my terms for a relationship was absolutely no hard drugs. We've been married 24 this year...

Stay strong

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