Dyeing hair during pregnancy?


Jocelyn - posted on 12/23/2010




You can dye your hair whenever you want. But it is recommended to stay away from bleaching hair dye. Also be aware that your hormones can affect how your hair accepts the dye (so it might not be the "right" colour, or you might become more sensitive to the dye)

Robyn - posted on 12/23/2010




So I have been told, there is no real evidence that dying your hair while pregnant can harm the child. However your hormones can hurt your hair. I dyed my hair, seemed fine, I put a relaxer in my hair ( I have a fuzz curl thing happening) and it burnt my hair...went all elestic and such...killed it!
But dying it...I had no problems...I didn't do it all the time, but just before I delivered...I made myself look good ;)

[deleted account]

Some say it is okay...some say it is not. Personally, I would wait. Hair dye can be found in your urine. This means, your body HAS absorbed some of the chemicals. Some doctors are saying they can't find a reason NOT to....but there's really not enough study to give a 100% accurate answer here.
I like what this website suggests...do some highlights instead. The plastic cap will keep the dye away from your scalp...only tinting the ends.

Martha - posted on 12/24/2010




It's actually the fumes that you inhale that may cause you to feel nauseated, as for the baby everything will be fine...I have been doing hair for over 10 yrs.No one has ever had a bad experience with there child after giving birth just because they died their hair.I agree with someone that posted about using ammonia free dyes..they are the best!!Doesn't make your hair feel dull and dry.


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Gill - posted on 01/23/2014




what ;many people dont know is that chemicals like resorcinol have been proven to be veryvery toxic....to hormones in the body...why risk it ladies give your baby a chance to develop to its best potiential and kill yourself later. these chemicals in hair dyes are toxic and sometimes they give resorcinol different names 12 of them... best to ust natural dyes one you can get at wholefoods not herbatint naturecolor. thats been tested. These companies need to be more prudent in their treatment of consumers. But consumers have to be more informed and refuse to buy such products that do effect us in a harmful way.Please dont use these dyes as for hairdressers you are at the most risk best to you.

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I always dyed my hair! I never allow the grays to get teh best of me, pregnant or not! I simply HAVE to dye my hair once every 4-5 weeks. And again, it made no difference if I was pregnant or not.

Amanda - posted on 12/24/2010




no no no, fumessss! is it really worth the risk? just wait a lil bit til shes out. you'd hate to be sorry later if something DID happen & you wished you hadnt.

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I was colouring my hair during pregnancy the only downside is that my hair went way red instead of a chocolate brown ohh well i fixed that up after my hormones settled down

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i use ammonia free dye, but i did before i was pregnant too. it doesnt have the harsh chemical smell to it, and its easier on your hair too :)

Tara - posted on 12/23/2010




I have been pregnant twice and always colored my hair, I also went to Beauty school while I was pregnant and was always doing stuff with my hair. I also asked my doctor and he said it was fine, but I have heard of other doctors not recommending it. I would ask your doctor and see what they say but I never had any complications and I am a blonde in my hair addict and it never affected me or my baby in any way. Good Luck!

Bonnie - posted on 12/23/2010




I have been told different opinions. Some say it is okay and others say it's not. Some say it is breathing in the fumes that is bad during pregnancy. Yet there are hair stylists who work full time and dye their hair every other week up until they go into labour and their babies come out perfectly healthy, so who knows for sure.

Karen - posted on 12/23/2010




my hair dresser refused to dye my hair, but would do streaks for me - the difference being that the dye doesn't actually touch your skin like when you dye.

Kristen - posted on 12/23/2010




I use a hair dye that is temporary and amonia free. You should not use bleach or anything to lighten your hair.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 12/23/2010




I don't think it ever is. Bleaching and the harsh chemical ones I think you have to wait til your 2nd trimester. Double check that with your Dr. But why even take the chance? Go natural...no biggy it is only 9 months, and you will know for sure the baby is not going to be effected adversly to the harsh chemicals that could leach into your skin.

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