Dysfunctional family-My Teens Leaving becuz of him

Bobbie Jean - posted on 02/03/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




okay so. I am in a bad relationship but i am not working,no money and have no were to go rite now. I am trying to keep him happy so that he will allow me to drive his truck to drive my kids around and buy food n stuff we need. I am looking for A JOB SO THAT I CAN GET US OUT OF THIS SITUATION. n the mean time my 16yr old has started trying some drugs and tobacco, she even snuck a boy n the house at 2am. I have grounded her but her little sister 13yrs old, thinks i need to take more from her sister. She says im not punishing her. because of her mean step dad and bad sister, she has been talkn to her grandmother about moving in with her. She lives 20mins out of town and would have 2 drive back n forth twice a day. i dont no if that will happen anyways. But my little girl DOESNT WANT TO LIVE WITH ME, until step-dad is gone. What do i do, i cant leave. I cant make him leave. How can i make her understand in time things will work out but she can not leave me. She said she wants to crush me ! Help any ideas to make her happier about stayn?


Amy - posted on 02/03/2013




You say it's a dysfunctional relationship but don't say what it is he's doing. If your daughter or kids are in danger in any way shape or form you either need to find a way to get him out or at the very least allow them to leave so they aren't subjected to this man. I don't think it's fair that you expect your kids to wait till it works out but it could be because I'm imagining worst case scenario.

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