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Andrea - posted on 03/06/2014




I have Dyslexia.. They didn't find out till I was in 4th grade and had the reading leave of a 2nd grader...
What I found worked best for me was Highlighter Tape... I would highlight whatever I was reading to make sure I understood it clearly, then I would have to re-tell the story to my mom, teacher or whoever was helping with my homework... I did find I was better in other subjects, such as Computers, Math and Science.. They also pulled me out of class to work with a aid/teacher who dealt with learning disabilities on a daily... They would read my test to me, help with spelling words, English homework, ect pretty much anything with a lot of reading...
I would speak with the school consular, teacher and principle.. Look in to setting up an IEP.. { if one isn't in place} also we have a program called Keystone that works with students who need extra attention in learning... A doctor really can't help with this, My mom looked and asked for years.. It is more of a learning what works best for the student so they understand and can read and write better...
Hope this is helpful. Best Wishes and Take Care...

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