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My son is 5 & his teacher thinks he`s got Dyspraxia. Does anyone know what this is ? Is there a test or something to see if he does suffer from this? How can I help him if he does??


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My eldest has this. Its a lot like dyslexia but it affects their global motor skills too. For example, my eldest, although 9, cannot put her shoes on the right feet. She always gets this wrong. Now it must be painful, but she just doesn't seem to notice, no matter how much we tell her. She is also very clumsy, she's constantly knocking things over, spilling things, falling over. Her coordination is very underdeveloped. She used to do ballet class but (and I know this sounds terrible) but she was awful :( She didn't enjoy it either as the other kids would laugh at her.

We knew from an early age something was up though. She had very poor speech and other problems. She has something called Poland Syndrome too, so it was always linked to that, but when she was 3 we saw a specilist who said even if it is linked with her Poland Syndrome, its still dyspraxia. I could sit here all day and give you the history and her symptoms, but this website is really good (sorry my eldest was diagnosed in the UK so its a UK website :( )


There is treatment as such, for the more pronounced symptoms. My daughter has speech therapy and extra classes now at school. She has physio to help with her walking. We also have a list of all her "chores" for the morning, step by step, 1)get up, 2) have breakfast 3) get dressed...etc. So she knows exactly what she should be doing and what she needs to do next. Its worked wonders :)

Its not all bad news, with the help my daughter has done really well, as will your son but you have to pretty much battle them for the help. Good luck and remember, just being there for him and understand that a lot of his mistakes etc, he doesn't mean to do it, he just honestly can't help it.

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Dyspraxia is a developmental issue.  It could be with verbal skills, motor skills or social skills.

If your son has motor or social skill issues, the best thing to do is have him evaluated by an Occupational Therapist.  If his issues are verbal, a Speech Therapist or Speech Language Pathologist would do the evaluation. 

Talk to your school, they can sometimes assist with having the evaluation done.  If they can't, call your PCP for an appointment to see if you can get a referral to a therapist.

Best of luck to you and your son, and remember if he does have dyspraxia, intervention as soon as possible is key to helping him overcome these issues.


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Dyspraxia is a developmental coordination disorder. It can affect gross motor skills such as climbing, riding a bike, doing jumping jacks as well as fine motor skills. Difficulty writing, spacing, coordinating copying skills, cutting accurately, etc.. Often, children have difficulty with language skills as well. Coordinating the sounds/words/order etc.. It can be diagnosed by a Neurologist, Developmental Pediatrician or Neuro-Pschologist. The best therapies are OT, PT, Speech if needed. Hope this helps.

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My son is also thought to have dyspraxia although it hasnt been diagnosed yet. His signs and symptoms are somewhat different though. We initially thought he had OCD (obsessive Compulsive Disorder) as he is obsessive about things such as time date and stuff. He also gets physically agressive when people don't understand what he is trying to say. He gets very frustrated with his consition as he knows that he is different and desperatly tries to fit in. He is the sweetest most sensitive of my five children but i worry about him a lot. Anyone know how to behave around this condition as we havent got any advice yet

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Dyspraxia can be either motor or speech or both. It is when the message getst o hte brain correctly and they understand it however on the way back out the message gets confused. this creates poor motor function in motor dyspraxia and poor speech sound in verbal dyspraxia. Good Luck . Keep persevering as it is a very up an ddown journey with platoues of success.

Melissa - posted on 03/23/2009




Thank you for putting it in plain english, I understand it more. least his school are now not thinking he`s naughty and trying to help him more now. Thank you once again.

Terri - posted on 03/22/2009




Hi Melissa. Dyspraxia can be very frustrating to the person who has it and those in the surrounding family. I have it and it affects many daily tasks. My short term memory is awful, my attention span is limited, my coordination is poor and i can struggle with dates and and times etc. My youngest son also has it and its easier to explain what difficulties i have with him rather than with someone without the condition. Routine and repetition help in daily tasks. There isn't much help from outside so support from groups are helpfull. For me, I have to be chasing my son to get things done, he can go upstairs to do a task and get completely sidetracked and forget it totally. Hope that helps with the day to day stuff.

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