ear infections and seizures?

Denise - posted on 01/09/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is 10 months old and had her first febrile seizure last month and had it again just a month apart...the first time she woke up form a nap and was on her last dose of amoxicillan for an ear infection but was perfectly normal and happy besides the ear infection..after the seizure she did have a low grade fever and was hospitalized for a day. The pediatrician there said it was a febrile seizure and prob happend because of the ear infection that didnt heal and the sudden onset of a fever... six weeks later she got the common cold and ws slightly sick with stuffy/runny nose for 4 days then she woke up form a nap and had another siezure..and when the medics checked her temp it was only 100. then once we got to the ER they said she had another ear infection..and she was really sick for three days after that. They gave her a shot of antibiotic in the ER and a week later when i took her to her pediatrician she said she STILL had the esr infectin...her neurologist wants to put her on phenobarbital and admit her next week to get an mri and ecg....her second seizure was 8 min long ans he said that was way too long for her...i've read so much about phenobarbital and dont know if i should wait for the mri and test results before i put her on that?..does anyone have any advice on phenobarbital or seizures with ear infections?


Katherine - posted on 01/10/2012




Phenobarbital will help with the seizures. I would definitely put her on it. She had a grand mal seizure. 8 minutes is very very serious. I wouldn't mess around with that. There are other seizure medications you can ask about, but I'm assuming the reason they are putting her on the pheno is the severity of the seizures.

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