Earliest positive pregnancy test results using clearblue?

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Hi all,

My husband and I have decided to TTC this month. I've been bugging my husband for well over 4 years for a baby, so I am super impatient with testing.

The day after my husband and I first tired I believe I had symptoms. I have read on a number of sites that this is impossible but o truly believe i felt it.

I have documented all my "symptoms" below:

31/10 - nauseous & headache

1/11 - nauseous, headache, cramping

2/11 - blood nose, late afternoon nausea, slight headache, feeling bloated & airy tummy. Late night hiccups and blocked ears.  

3/11 - No symptoms 

4/11 - Hungry, tired & fluttery like AF is arriving. 

5/11 - lower stomach burning sensation, general not feeling right. 

6/11 - AF like mild cramps coming and going, nauseous on an empty stomach, tired, nauseous at night

7/11 - Morning bloated, late night hunger, late night bloated and cramping  around belly button, blocked ears & late night runny nose. 

8/11 - No symptoms 

9/11 - Lower left back soreness, mild AF like feeling

My "symptoms" have dried up a lot from the beginning, which is making me worried.

I've tested too early a few times, all negative. I tested today (6 days out from AF) - I was wondering what is the earliest you have tested positive using a clueblue test?

Fingers and toes crossed I'm pregnant.

10/11 - 

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