Early Intervention for preschoolers

Baina2918 - posted on 10/11/2018 ( 2 moms have responded )




Yesterday I received a call from a lady who works for Early Intervention. At first when I listened to the voicemail I thought it was spam, but as she went on she said that she received a referral from my child's preschool. I remember the teacher talking about his during preschool orientation, but i don't understand why my child is being referred. She mentioned it was because of his behavior or speech, I guess I am just confused because all I have been hearing lately is how great my son is doing in preschool, his teacher has never once said anything to me about him misbehaving or having trouble speaking. I think he talks great for a 4 year old, yes sometimes you cant understand him and sometimes he talks just a little to fast or has trouble pronouncing certain letters, but he is 4 Its to be expected he is not an expert at talking yet.
I feel blindsided and kind of hurt by this, I would expect for the teacher to talk to me if my son is having issues in class before she refers him to a specialized program. I see her every single day and she always tells me how wonderful he is doing and how much progress he is making, how smart he is. I know my kid is a little hyper sometimes, I know he does not always listen or keep his hands to himself, or he has trouble saying his K's. But I would like to be made aware if she feels he needs more help then she or I can give, it hurts me a little to just think about this. I mean is it something I did, or could have worked with him more on. I know i shouldn't feel bad about this and it can only help him more but when i looked up the website it talks about helping children with certain disability or special needs. Have i just been in a bubble this whole time thinking my kid is so smart, my kid is catches on so fast, but really he has a disability? It makes me feel like a failure because it just came out of the blue, I always fear that being a single parent to a rowdy 4 year old boy that I am not giving him everything that boys with fathers have, or the time and attention that households with 2 parents can give and this "referral" it feels like that is being shoved in my face and it just breaks my heart.
I know I am more than likely overreacting to this, and his teacher only wants to help him, but am I wrong in thinking she should have talked to me first? At least brought me into the loop on this?
Sorry for the long post, I needed to vent and just get this out there.


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Michelle - posted on 10/11/2018




Ask the teacher.
She may have done it the 1st week and it has taken a while for all the paperwork to go through. In the meantime, he has improved but she could have forgotten about it.

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