Early Labour?

Melissa - posted on 10/28/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm 33(+5 week) pregnant and been getting period pains, tighten pains, back ache (With every pain I get. My hips and thighs ache. I've not be able to sleep well because I'm woken by uncomfortable pains, I've tried sleeping on my left and makes the pain worse, I've walked around the bedroom and it just get uncomfortable. I've had it the last 4 days when I 'THINK' I may of lost my plug,( I did tell the my midwife and she just asked if I had any blood(Which I didnt) She didn't really say much about it after.

I do have low amniotic fluid and i've already been given 2x steroid injections to help my baby's lung function(As the doctors thought she may be coming early) I've been seeing the doctors every week the last 3 weeks(For growth scans and fluid checks and to be monitored) and my baby is in a head down position and as been since 30 weeks..
I've been losing fluids each time we've gone back.
Monday I was on the monitor thing and it picked up the pains I've been having, The midwife didn't have anything to say to us about them.
My sister and mam think I could be going into early stages of labour?
Be much appreciated if someone could help me out? Or if you can go into early labour and if anyone else has had the same sort of thing going on?
Mel.. ...xxx

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