Early Morning Wakings

Lauren - posted on 11/06/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 5 1/2 months old and recently has been waking up around 5:30am. He use to be really good about sleeping until 6:45-7 and now is waking early. We have been going in his room and putting a paci in his mouth. Should we let him Cry it Out at this time? Or are there any other suggestions? We also switched him to a overnight Huggies diaper because his diapers have been really wet in the morning. I don't want the paci to become a habit. We are okay with doing it, although it is hard, but know that it has helped us in the past for middle of the night wakings.


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Dove - posted on 11/06/2015




No CIO. There is nothing wrong w/ an infant using a pacifier. If that settles him back to sleep... great. If it doesn't... he may be hungry or just done sleeping. Feeding him might get him back to sleep or adjusting his bedtime might get him to sleep in later again. Some kids just wake up early no matter what you do though... and that's fine too.

Jodi - posted on 11/06/2015




Have his daytime naps changed? It may be that he just needs less sleep and that a slightly later bedtime will fix it.

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