Early puberty?

Linda - posted on 09/04/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have begun noticing physical changes in one of my eight-year old twins. She is developing breasts and underarm and pubic hair is growing. She is getting blackheads and bits of acne on her forehead! I am worried about how to begin talking to her without scaring her or giving her too much information but I do not want her to begin menstruating without some knowledge. Any hints, experiences to share?


MaryAnn - posted on 09/04/2015




One talk is not enough. You should be having many small talks about a variety of topics. Less information to remember all at once. Talking to them BOTH together and individually will bring up more reassurance that (one) it happens to everybody and is nothing to be ashamed of, and (two)if they need anything (tampons, acne soap, bras, advice, a doctors appointment because something is not right) they can come to you and trust you wont embarrass them.
Start offwith simple, relevant and factual, and if you build that trust with them, theyll come to you when they have questions about more nuanced topics.

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