Easter Bunny came early! How we're now a doodie-free house hold!

Erika - posted on 04/07/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




...earlier than I'd planned but with kiddies its all about adjusting and adapting. ;)

We've been talking about leaving the "doodies" (pacifiers) to the Easter Bunny, and getting a chocolate Easter-egg as a "thank you", since the beginning of the new year. Anton's almost 3½ and only has a doodie for nap-time at nursery and then at night-time at home. Erin's turning two on Easter Monday and doesn't have one at all at "dagis" and mostly only at night-time at home...

Leaving them earlier to Santa didn't feel right time wise so the next best option was Easter. Anton's been talking a lot about when does the Easter Bunny come for his doodies? On Saturday morning he was very adamant about the fact that TODAY is the day for leaving his doodies...! He's a big boy now and can sleep without! :) Erin was less impressed about the idea but was happy to hang the doodies-on-a-string in the tree in our garden, when realising that we weren't going to take them home again she started protesting but fell asleep after some fussing and fighting... Heartbreaking to hear her cry like that but she really doesn't use it that much and "taking" Anton's doodies but not hers doesn't feel right either...it's TIME now.

Anton suddenly didn't feel like sleeping at all, even though knackered, and little tears rolled down his face... *heart breaks again!*

"It's OK to miss your doodies, and I know it's hard to fall asleep without but that's why mummy's here and you've got kissy-teddy to hold on to as well..."

After a slightly shorter nap than usual (to be sure they'd be tired enough at night) we woke them up with a "Look! What's that hanging in the tree?!" Ooh:s and Aah:s over the Easter Bunny's visit and hurrying outside to see what she (he?) had left them in the gift bag. Both were very happy about their Easter egg and the small bunny-soft-toy (as a slightly longer lasting reminder than the chocolate ;) )!

Kids have had loads of out door play with their cousins and after they'd gone back home we got some branches and stuff cleared in the garden (they can be such good little helpers!) and also had our dinner outside too. :) We finally wrapped up the day with a looong bath and little ones were very tired and happy to go to bed...

Anton kept muttering and singing, so obviously missing his "plug". No tears tough! :) Erin didn't want to fall asleep in her bed, not that unusual, and asked for her doodie a few times but was more crying after me who was stuck with sing-song Anton... She knew that the doodies were gone and finally fell asleep in her dads arms.

I was SO worried about them being panicky and SO sad over not having the doodies any more and it being much more difficult at bed time. Even if I can't help feeling slightly horrible for taking the doodies away I too feel that it was a good decision and the right time!

AND...! I'm very well aware that we still have some time ahead that might be rough but the good start we've had to a doodie-free life makes me feel positive, we can do this! :) Yay! :)


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Erika - posted on 04/07/2009




*lol* I think "doodie" is a N.Ireland thing, :) that's why I put in (pacifiers) after the first mention of it... ;)

Still going well so far...! Nap-time at nursery had not been a problem either so even though falling asleep at night time takes a little bit longer we defintely on the right track! :)

Kimberley - posted on 04/07/2009




This will be one of those things that you will remember when your kids have grown up - and it will make you smile. Congrats on giving the easter bunny all the doodies... I had to read your entire story to figure out what it was.... lol.... I've heard different terms for a pacifier but not this word before! Keep thinking positive thoughts .... you will get through this step! Best wishes!

Tina - posted on 04/07/2009




Thanks for the laugh and the smile you put on my face. I have never heard a pacifier called a doodie! I thought you were talking about poop!! Congrats! It is a wonderful milestone to remember! Happy Easter to you and your family!

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What a great (and VERY creative) idea to leave your pacifier for the Easter Bunny! A good lesson in gift giving and receiving as well. Wonder what they will want to give the Easter Bunny next year....

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