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What are some ways to get my daughter to eat better at home? At daycare she eats everything she makes for her, but at home she will only eat baby food. Any suggestions on how to get her to do the same at home?


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HI there, I run a dayhome and all the kids tend to eat better in a large group! I am not sure how old your daughter is but I would take the baby food away and just let her feed herself. When she is hungry she will eat. Try making the food fun, such as stuffed potatoes can be turned into ships, find something she likes such as cheese, cheerios, etc... and give her some. Sit down and eat the meal with her (she probably likes the socialization) or have her help you (I get my daughter to pass me the eggs when I am cooking/baking and to help me throw stuff in the garbage, etc...). Also, you can try utesils, my daughter is 15 months and she can almost spoon feed herself oatmeal and use a fork to eat (this doesn't mean she doesn't choose to use her fingers some days too!). Just relax and know she will eat if she is hungry!! Also, after 1 year old they stop eating so much and 1 good meal a day is normal with a little snacking. Its not unitl they are older do they start eating more again :)

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