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Tonya - posted on 06/01/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




I ran into an issue at a cookout recently that I've been beating myself up for pretty bad. My daughter is 14 months old and ran up to a couple friends asking for a bite off of their plates, of course they gave her a bite from their fork trying to be sweet but now I'm stressing that she caught something. Am I being paranoid or over protective? I've been googling all of the things she could of caught and it's freaking me out. Any advice?


Dove - posted on 06/01/2016




Probably overprotective and paranoid. Unless the people that fed her actively have a contagious disease... she is almost certainly just fine.

Heather - posted on 06/01/2016




I think you're being too over protective. If they are friends my guess is that they are not questionable people. What are you afraid of? A cold? If you never let her get sick how is her immune system suppose to get better and work as an adult?
Kids get dirty and put their dirty hands in their mouth...she is more likely to get something from a dog, cat, dirt, than a person.
My mother kept me clean most of the time and I ended up being a sickly child because of it. My immune system didn't know how to function properly and I racked up a lot of hospital bills and missed days from school because the common cold gave me infections.
If you know your friends are good people who don't put themselves at risk for diseases she is fine.
How do you think we survived so long? How many documented cases have you heard of a child being ill and seriously sick (besides a cold) from a bite of food that they were in danger? Did you not ever share food growing up? Did you not ever kiss a date or take a bite from something someone was cooking?
She's a child with an immune system- the have worked for centuries...


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Sarah - posted on 06/01/2016




What are you worried she will catch? Was there someone with AIDS, HIV or hepatitis at the party? Even if she had contact with infected eating utensils the odds of her catching anything are so remote, nearing impossible. So why are you worried, for real?

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