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My son is 3 years old and I have a hard time with him eating. All he ever eats is chicken nuggets or cheese sandwiches. Sometimes just the bread. I tried giving him Mac n Cheese today and he ate 2 noodles and each time he made himself gag... he doesn't every want anything else. I need help!! Are there any ways to get him to try different food without him starving? I know its partially my fault because I just give in most of the time and give him what he wants but he's starting school soon and I want him to eat better. i don't want his teacher reporting that he doesn't eat or something because he does he just doesn't try new food and that needs to be broken. Please don't bash me I just want help and ideas!!


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You did say it yourself: You gave in. With that said, you do need to put all sorts of food in front of him and no more chicken nuggets and cheese sandwiches. He needs to learn to eat what you give him and the gag thing is just his way of getting out of eating what you put in front of him. If he refuses to eat, tell him that is what he gets later at the next meal and place it in the fridge and then when its time to eat again, he gets that. If you had started out giving him lots of different things instead of what he wanted, you would have a kid that is well rounded in his meals. I had the same trouble with mine but he started younger and he would eat only meat and fruit and no veggies. He also would eat pb and j too. Unlike his cousins who would only eat mac and cheese, fish sticks and chicken and that was what their parents let them have. As he got older he would eat other things even saying he did not like it but he ate it. But since he ate fruit I was not worried so much about veggies. You have a harder battle ahead. Nuggets are not very nutritious anyway. Take them out of your diet and his.

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