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Alexis - posted on 04/15/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




When should my baby start eating meat? He is 8 months old and is not sleeping through the night anymore, I'm wondering if he is not getting enough protein to fill him up now that he is crawling. Also, he is a thin baby. I am currently breastfeeding and feeding fruit, vegetables, rice cereal and oatmeal.


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Emily - posted on 04/16/2009




If he is eating solids the irons from your milk might becoming bound to the solids and therefore not absorbed by him as well as before especially if he is eating rice cereal. It is generally fine to introduce meats or beans at this point. in fact, it is now suggested that meats/meat-like proteins be introduced after yams, avacados and other typical first foods. Since these chains of amino acids can put stress on the kidneys nutrition experts suggest feeding only one meat per day and doing it in a very small serving as a compliment to his veggies- a whole jar of baby meat is not appropriate for little babies.  Also, I personally think those jars look absolutely disgusting. I would just moisten and puree whatever you are eating that night. Around one year old you can give a bit more meat and it shouldn't be pureed completely to get him used to the texture. SOme babies will reject meat until they are about 2 years old because they do not like the texture. Beans are a fine substitute if that happens.

Mel - posted on 04/16/2009




they can eat meat anywhere from about 5 months like others have said. my daughter is thin at 12 months she has no baby fat on her. if you want hi to gain more weight try formula feeding or adding chee,se unsalted butter and cream to home made pureed vegies and blend it all up.

Betsy - posted on 04/15/2009




I've been told to start children on Lentils, quinoa, tofu or chicken. You can give lean beef or lamb if you so choose. Avoid pork because its too high is salt and saturated fat. I agree with the other posts that the reason he might be waking at night is because he's not getting enough during the day. You might be thinking "but he eats so much already", i know I said that! Keep up with the breastfeeding, fruit, veggies, rice cereal and oatmeal!

Kim - posted on 04/15/2009




My son is also 8 months and I've been giving him meats for 3 months now. He's had chicken, turkey, beef, fish, etc. He's at the point of eating everything now. When they start waking up at night is often due to the need to increase his intake of solids. I use a food processor for my chicken cutlets. It cuts it up like grated cheese, so it becomes near impossible for him to choke on any of it. It's kind of dry this way, so I usually mix it with squash, sweet potatoes, bananas or apples. Hope this helps. Good luck!!

Jessica - posted on 04/15/2009




Your baby should be able to eat baby food meat any time now.  My daughter started probably around 5 or 6months on baby meat but didn't like it.  I reccommend sweet potatos and turkey or apples and chicken - the sweet taste helps.  If you are worried about protein intake, you may want to consider supplementing your breast milk with formula - but I wouldn't worry about him not getting it from solids just yet.  You should call your doctor and ask thei recommendations.  Also - for sleeping through the night - you have to get a bedtime routine down and you have to put him to bed awake!  He may cry and cry at first, but I swear, we let our girl "cry it out" for one night (checking on her and reassuring her periodically of course) and now she will lay down awake with a pacifier everynight at bed time and fall alseep on her own, usually sleeping through the night or putting herself back to sleep if she wakes.  Good luck - I know the feeling of being up all night long!!

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