eating schedule for toddlers on regular solids and no bottles

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So let me rant for a bit and get other moms opinions.

We did baby led weaning at 6mo. What's important to me is that my daughter recognize her own hungry and full cues and control her own eating so that she developes good eating habits. We dropped bottles at a year. My daughter is now 16mo and eats three meals a day and 2-3 snacks. She ends up eating every few hours. I think this is normal and have no problems. What we do is let her tell us when she is hungry or thirsty. She climbs into her chair or gets her lunch bag when she is hungry or goes to the fridge or gets a water bottle when thirsty. These cues work when we're out too. I am extrememly happy with this situation and basically feed on demand still. We do not do grazing or carrying food around the house. She eats good meals and spaces them out fairly regular, like I said every few hours. I feel this pattern accommodates illness and growth spurts as well. And let me be clear, she is not in charge, I do not make multiple meals to please her and if its going to be dinner time with the family in a lil bit I ask her to wait. No problems, most times.

So here's the deal. Mil watches my bean during the week and is happy to do the same eating scenarios. Once a week they visit sil daycare because they have a new grandbaby. Again she has no troubles asking for food out. So baby eats breakfast at 7 then goes to daycare with grandma. Think of this as a visit where grandma is still in charge, she is not attending the daycare, but blends with the other kids for awhile. Baby asks for snack at 11. Grandma complys, especially since naptime is at 12 and they will be leaving soon. Daycare lady, aka sil mom, says that my daughter is manipulative and that she should be able to go the morning until lunch without eating, meaning until 12, and that her nap is too early and unnecessary. She wakes at 6 to go to grandmas. Manipulative? Over food? what?

So here's my question. Knowing that I still love my situation and don't plan on changing it I am just curious. What are others toddlers eating like? Do they go half days without eating? If they wake early are they going 6+ hours without napping?

I wanna say maybe daycare lady is just used to older kids, but they have a 9 and 10mo there too. I won't even get into how they treat those babies, hence why grandma is explicitly in charge. Thoughts?


Heather - posted on 10/09/2009




every child is different!! if you don't want to change don't. manipulative, thats ridiculious!! my daughter, she's 22 months is a grazer, i can't get her to sit down to a meal hardly ever. and that's ok with her dad and i. it's not a problem for us, and if its a problem with our sitter, then i would find one that it's not a problem with!! there are days were she hardly eats anything and days were she always has something in her mouth. you are her mommy you make the rules!! i hope this helps you!

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