EBF 12 month old won't eat solids and bites

Sara - posted on 03/17/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter just turned a year a few days ago and for the past few weeks she doesn't want solids. I'm lucky if she takes a few bites. Also, she is exclusively breastfed and lately has been biting me. Her biting is unpredictable and sometimes she will bite me during the beginning, the middle or at the end of the session. I've tried pulling her off and telling her no and that it hurts. However, this method hasn't worked for me. The last couple of days I decided to stop the breastfeeding because it hurts and solely pump for her. I'm worried my supply will drop because she's not nursing. My other concern is her only wanting milk and no food!! Im not sure if it's a teething thing but it's been bothering me lately and I'm a bit sad about all of it. Any suggestions or experiences?


Dove - posted on 03/17/2016




As far as breastfeeding only and not eating solids... she's likely just fine and your suspicion that she may be teething seems quite possible.

As far as the biting... I'm not sure as none of my kids ever bit more than a couple of random times. Personally I would keep telling her 'no biting' when she does it and put her down. If you think it is teething deal w/ that w/ teething toys or Tylenol or something and see if it helps. If she's hungry enough she will stop biting and go back to nursing.

I was never able to pump, but I do know that pumping is much less effective at keeping up your supply than your baby is.

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