Ectopic Pregnancy... could it have been twins?

Stephanie - posted on 09/06/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi all. I recently experienced an ectopic pregnancy and had surgery to fix the problem. My question is, over a full week before my rupture, I started bleeding very heavily. I knew I was having a miscarriage b/c I was passing tissue and very large clots and this lasted for almost a week. I did the blood draw and verified that my levels had dropped slightly which proved to us that we'd had a miscarriage. Over a week after I was done bleeding, I ruptured from an ectopic. After a long ordeal, the embryo was successfully removed. Do you think this could have been twins. My husband mentioned that the doctor said that to him but I was never well enough to ask all of these questions throughout my ordeal. So I missed out on asking this question

Is it possible to lost two babies like this?


Kim - posted on 09/06/2013




That is a questin only your doctor can truly answer. They wouldn't begrudge you the information they have if you call now. Do you feel it would give you some closure? Definitely call and ask.


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Jodi - posted on 09/06/2013




It may be and it may not be. It could be that the fetus in your tubes died before they ruptured, and this triggered the drop in your hormones (your hormones will drop if the fetus dies, not just when you miscarry it), which in turn triggered the shedding of your uterine lining, which, when you are pregnant, is more than usual, which would mean a lot more bleeding and possibly clotting. But it is worth asking the doctor about it.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 09/06/2013




Even if you were not well enough at the time, you can still ask your doctor now.

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