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Does anyone else have toddler's with eczema? If so what do you use? and Does it ever go away?


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Oatmeal bath and wash with Cetaphil. Cetaphil is so gentle it won't sting the eyes. If the skin is not split use a washcloth for gentle exfoliation. If it is split and bleeding just use your hands. After bath leave the skin wet don't even dry it. Rub olive oil all over the wet skin and rub well. By this time the skin will be slightly damp and you will want to use Aquaphor or even the Walmart version(almost 1/2 the price for the same ingredients) all over and rub well. Long sleeves and long pants will help keep the moisture from escaping rapidly. If this routine is done before bed turn the heat down when they go to bed. Being overheated and sweaty will aggrivate the condition.

As far as it going away, a child may out grow it and never have it again, battle with it there whole lives, or have it come and go with a several year break in between each out break.

If the eczema is severe i suggest you bring the child to an allergist for a scratch test to see what in the environment is causing the issue. Just to name a few,anything from pets to dust to laundry detergent could be the culprit.

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All three of my boys have eczema. I gotten special cream from the doctor and it just discolored my sons leg. I have been using Baby Aveeno for eczema and it works it'll go away for a while and come back. When they turn two you can use the Adult Aveeno for them a little stronger but it helps.

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I have an 8 month old who has eczema. I do a combination of two things:

1. I am still partially breastfeeding & when she was 2 months old she had baby acne & my midwife said to put breastmilk on it! I let it dry for about ten minutes and gently wiped it off. This worked like a charm so I have also been using breastmilk on my baby's eczema 10minutes before bathtime and it has reduced significantly.

2. When I am out and about, or just during the day, I use either Cetaphil ( restoraderm) lotion or 100% Shea butter. THe Shea butter is really thick, almost like raw honey but it melts with body heat and my little one loves the massage!

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The frustrating thing about eczema is that it is something you "manage" rather than "cure." Most kids will outgrow it, usually by the time they are 5, but some people will suffer from it into adulthood.

For my son's eczema, we have a prescription for Hydrocortisone 2.5% and Locoid 0.1%, both of which are steroid creams to be used sparingly when he has a bad rash. Otherwise, we focus on keeping his skin moist. We put mineral oil in his bathwater, only use soap every other day, and cover him in Aquaphor 2X a day. Most of the time, his eczema is barely noticeable, but every once in awhile it will get a bit worse. I hope this helps.


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I have a son who gets it during the winter and it is probably more mild then some cases but his Doctor recommended:
Cetaphil Cream (not the lotion) Lotion have more water added to them then creams.
Put cream on within 20 mins of shower and showers are better than a baths.
Dove shampoo and soap. However many baby products are out there that are dye and frangrance free. My son is older.
Do not use dryer sheets. They contain fiberglass fibers. Again use hypoallergenic laundry stuff and a liquid fabric softener.
I do think that things can improve but they may always have a tendency to be more sensitive to heat and dry air and other chemicals but my sons has improved and we haven't had a need for any prescription strength medicine since his first year.

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