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My 1 year old son has got very bad eczema neck to his feet, poor little guy. I am up to his 5th lot of cream from the Dr, none of them work. I took him to a pediatrician and all she said was to keep doing what I am doing. He has had it now full on for 5 weeks. It was his birthday on Wednesday and nobody could hold him because he gets so hot and sore if we hold him for too long. Please help I don't know what to do for the poor little guy.


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Have a look at all you laundry detergents and what you use in the bath. My dermatitis is inflamed with any bar of soap. It seems whatever they use to make it solid reacts with mine. My middle reacts to any store bought bubble bath.

Also foods can cause flare ups, so try and eliminate items and see anything improves. Don't just rely on creams, you need to find the cause.


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my daughter's eczema itches her SO BAD I have found that mixing aquaphor and hydrocortizone works great for flare ups.... but i got oatmeal lotion by neutrogena that is specific for eczema.... also using dove simple soap instead of anything else and washing my laundry with something that specifies sensitive skin

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My 3 year has the samething. We started giving him goat milk which cleared it up in 2 weeks. It started when he was 3 months old poor baby. Now he uses pro/topic cream which really helps w/his itching. Hope this may help :-)

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Along with what everyone else has said. Try to see what foods might be triggering it. With my oldest dairy (whole milk) tended to make his worse and acidic foods. He eventually outgrew it. With my youngest, hers gets bad in the winter months because of the drier air and adding extra humidity into the air helps. Also don't give him a bath everyday, like every other to 3rd day might help unless he has gotten really dirty.

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Hi my son has exactly the same it's so frustrating as I bath him in a bath oil use no soap always cresm him up but still no improvement. I've noticed though if he eats certain foods it flares up more like acidic foods like oranges. Do u breast feed? Only I I do and have read that breast milk applied to t eczma helps!! And it does work so give that a go

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My advice may be the same things you have heard from your doctor, but I thought I would throw them out there anyway.

Cetaphil Cleanser is a great substitute for regular soap/body wash at bath time. It is not technically a soap so it won't dry their skin out like a soap would. Cetaphil also makes lotions and creams. They are all, of course, fragrance free.

Neosporin has come an Eczema Essentials line out with a hydrocortisone cream. I like to use it on the spots that my daughter has scratched til they've bled. It is anti-itch and will heal the open skin faster. They also have a body wash and a daily cream.

I'm sure you already know the power of Aquaphor. It is a great lotion to use to keep from over using the steroid cream and for babies too young for the steroid cream.

Aveeno has an oatmeal calming bath treatment that is good for flair ups as well.

I hope that helped at least a little! Good luck!

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I found a cream called Gentle Naturals through a friend. It cleared him up in less than 2 weeks--he still had it on his knees and calves, but the rest of his body cleared up, and even his knees and calves were much, much less severe. Put it on 2 times per day--it does not have the steroids in it that the other creams do, so you don't have to worry about over using it. You can also put plain petroleum jelly on in between applications.

Also, I changed my laundry detergent to a homemade detergent:
1 bar ivory soap (grate it with a cheese grater)
1 cup washing soda (laundry isle)
1 cup Borax (also laundry isle)
Mix it all together--it will make a powder detergent. Use 2 tablespoons per load. This works in HE washers as well as regular ones. Do not use fabric softener in the washer, just use a drier sheet in the drier. (I usually triple or quadruple this recipe to make a bunch all at once--the single recipe makes just over 2 cups, so you can make a bunch and still store it in a pretty small container--I use an old flour canister)

Once you get it cleared up, make sure to use a lotion EVERY DAY to keep it at bay.

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