Eczema and Biting at Daycare

Elisa - posted on 09/28/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




I just recently started my daughter at daycare full time after being home her first two years. We went in for a tour and I was hired as well. I love my classroom and the kiddos and my boss (Owner and Director) is very supportive. However, the room my daughter is in is always in chaos at pick up. When we toured it was not. We have been at this center for 5 weeks. My daughter has come home with bite marks to her forearms 4 different times (other kids are victims as well). She has pretty severe eczema and at home we have a strict routine starting with oatmeal bath, then steroid creams, then colloidal oatmeal cream, all covered up by pjs socks and gloves. Wake up and creams again then off to school. Home again to undo the damage done by hand washing and sweating at playtime. My concern is the biting. I have spoken with the teacher and she is at wits end with no more ideas left. The director (My boss) said we are aware of the situation and are helping this child through his parent's divorce. And biggest concern as in any center is ratios. I do not have confidence in the adequate supervision in that classroom but it could be Mama bear paranoia as she is my first and only and I have such high expectations.The bites have not broken her skin yet but it is only a matter of time.
We do not NEED this paycheck to survive. I wanted her to be around other children before PreK. The opportunity to earn a little extra was nice plus I would be so close. This is one of the best jobs I've ever had, it is definitely not worth my child's safety. I teach the older room PreK. I understand biting is normal to a point. I understand to care for families and work through problems.
I am working on a Dr.'s note for her to have different soaps and sunscreens and gloves at nap vs pacifier and for her to carry her lovie to not scratch. Yes the eczema is a process.
What is normal for biting at this age (2-2.5yo)? When is it time to walk away? And What can happen to my poor eczema baby if the biting continues or does break the skin?


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Sarah - posted on 09/29/2016




I think a lot depends on how the center is handling the situation. What are they doing for discipline when the child bites? Do you know what is going on when the child bites? Is it out of frustration? When someone takes a toy? Is there a way these situations could be lessened? Is the biting done only at pick up? If so, can the child be separated from the other children during that is?

Ev - posted on 09/29/2016




I worked with this age for over 8 years. I was an aid and then a lead teacher. I also had special needs kids too. Biting at this age is normal. It is one way kids communicate their frustration for example if another kids gets too close, a kid takes a toy...or other things--they may bite to get the toy back or to make the other kids move. They do not have the language skills to tell the other kid to leave them alone or to say no I am playing with a toy. Each state has its own regs on ration of adults to kids in dat care or preschools. You should have been given at least an over view of that when you were hired because I was. Later I got my own copy of the daycare regulations covering everything from nap time, to play time, to adult/child ratios and other things. How many kids and teachers are in that you know the actual ratio of kids to adults for that age?

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