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In July of 2010, My husband was informed that his hours at work would be changing because the school district was going from Year round to Traditional. The human resources department gave him a packet and told him that he could claim benefits for the money he would be losing. So we filled out the forms and waited. He had his interview and told them what was happening. Then they began sending the payments. My husband filled out the biweekly paperwork and we kept getting the money. Now they are claiming that he fraudulently was getting the money because he was working the whole time. We filled out the application in good faith as we were told to by the school district not to be fraudulent.

I am in a panic right now about this because:
a.) my husband is sick right now and I haven't told him yet
b.) we can't repay the money they are saying we fraudulently took
c.) we just bought a house and things are already tight.

PLEASE ANY ADVICE IS WELCOME!!!!! Someone point me in the right direction. We live in California.


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Do you still have that packet from HR? If it says in there that you could collect the money that should remove you from any liability even if HR was wrong.

I know that my mom who is a teacher (in WA) is able to get unemployment in the summer, since technically they are all laid off in June and rehired in September. I'm not sure if that is exactly what you are talking about, but it is at least a similar situation.

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