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Michelle - posted on 11/04/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have just gave birth to a baby girl, she's now 2 months old. During my pregnancy, my eldest daughter, who was 2 year old at that time, was able to let go of her pacifiers, bottle and seldom wet her bed at night. After my pregnancy was bigger, she regressed into using pacifiers, bottle and back into diapers at night again. Now, she always do some annoying things when I breastfeed the baby (dumping talcum powder on the bed, spilling her milk, asking for her bottle and yelling when I say wait). I tried getting her out of the bedroom when I breastfeed but she will barge in my room and yell the house down if she's not allowed in. My mother in law tried to distract her, but she refuses to leave my side when I breastfeed. Sometimes she even lies next to her sister, squeezing her against my body. She doesn't do any harms to her sister intentionally, but she would sometimes squeeze the baby's cheeks or played with the baby's arms until the baby cries. I don't know what to do. I've tried lecture, time outs, punishments, and even to spanking, and they don't work. What should I do so that I can breastfeed the baby peacefully and I don't have to be angry with my eldest all the time?


Louise - posted on 11/04/2010




What I did when my second son was born was buy a toy that was big enough for him to play with and amuse himself whilst I got on with feeding the baby. We bought our son a garage could you afford maybe a play kitchen or something that she has been after for a long time. I also included my then 2 year old in everything I did for his brother like bathing him he would help with the sponge, nappy changing he would get the wipes and nappy and so on. This made him feel important and special. I think you have got a case of jealousy going on there so turn the tables and include her in everything and tell her what a big help she is and praise her for good behaviour and just ignore the bad. She will soon settle down. Good luck

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