Elective C Sections??

Emalie - posted on 07/12/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I just have to ask this question on why some mothers are going for an elective c section. I feel if its not medically necessary then it should not be done. C sections are on the rise, can women not handle birth anymore? Or do they just not want to have to deal with the pain? What about the outcome of the child and being born before they are ready?

Are your doctors giving you this choice when they talk to you about your birth??

Sorry I just dont understand the fad this has become. For me, birth is an amazing experiance, and does not have to have the outcome of a huge surgery.


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Emalie - posted on 07/12/2012




@ Louise thats exactly how I feel as well. If it is an emergency situation that is totally different, but to choose to have it done on a time that fits your schedule is crazy. Im not of the norm I am having a home birth, so i guess this whole concept is beyond my understanding lol.

@ Tyla, I almost had an emergency c section as well with my first born. I cant imagine three days of labor!
With the electives people are picking a day that is convienient to them so they wont have to deal with the actual labor or have a "too big" baby. Just crazyness to me.

Im just wondering if the doctors are telling these women that thay can do this as an option? I know that doctors now a days are going for C sections as it makes them more money, and im sure its less of a risk as well in their eyes.

Tyla - posted on 07/12/2012




I have a 2 year old and I was in labor for 3 days refusing a c-section before they told me I no longer had a choice and I had to have a csections because my BP and heart rate was getting WAY to high! I also pushed for 2 and half hours so 74 and half hours of labor and I wish I could have delivered naturally because a csection was so hard to recover from longer in the hospital and its hard to get in and out of bed its harder to shower and all that is already hard with a newborn

Louise - posted on 07/12/2012




I have had two natural births and an emergency c section and I can tell you it is a big op and horrid to have to handle getting over surgery and having to care for a new born. With my sons I bonded straight away with them and I was out of hospital within 24 hours and home great. With my daughter I was attached to the bed for 24 hours and could not pick my daughter up or feed her. I had to rely on other people to do it. I was stuck in hospital for 4 days and in the end discharged myself because it was just ridiculous. Any body who has not experienced birth should do it the natural way because it is so much easier and less painful than trying to get up and down to feed a baby every few hours with your stomach held together with staples.

All these mums seem to think it is the easy option, I can tell you it robs you of those precious first hours of your babies life and the pain, for about 10 days after can be hurrendous! If my first was a c section I would not of gone on to have more kids. No way!

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