Embarrassing public moments while pregnant!

Tiffany - posted on 06/09/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I just love to hear embarrassing public moments while your pregnant. Some things are just to funny to keep silent.

So here is one of mine:

I woke up late one morning during my 1st pregnancy and had a Dr apt. I jumped up and threw on some jeans, and what I thought was one of my hubby's American Eagle shirts. Got to the Dr office (an hour away) and noticed I was getting funny looks. I looked down at my shirt and it ended up being my hubby's friends shirt that looked almost identical to his American Eagle shirt but this shirt said "Why don't you come back in a few beers" !!!!!!!! Omg I felt like an idiot and i know I looked like an awful mom to be hahaha.

Any of y'all got any stories?


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I woke myself up one night...the stench was HORRIBLE! I farted in my own bed and it stunk so bad I woke myself UP. I opened my eyes...looked around for someone to blame...and my husband is sitting with his back to me, he's at the computer shaking his head and giggling...all he said to himself was "dammit woman!" I shut my eyes and pretended to still be asleep. We still haven't discussed it.

I was in an exam with my midwife..she explained to me that she had to check to see if my pelvis was wide enough for natural childbirth. She steps away from me, snaps the glove off her hand and says, IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND....
"Oh yeah, you can drive a truck through there."
My husband finds a reason to use that phrase about once a week now.

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I have a funny one that came right after I had my 2nd baby. He was about a week old and I took my 1 year old daughter to Walmart and was wearing these giant baggy sweats. We were in the main aisle by the electronics looking at movies when my little girl decided to pull on my pants which immediately fell to my ankles. So there I was, 1 week post partum in the middle of Walmart, pantsed by a 1 year old, flashin' my granny panties and padded ass. What a beautiful sight! ; )

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