Emotional PMT 11 year old

Caroline - posted on 01/10/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Help, my 11 year old started her period 3-4 months ago but get really emotional, crying and very clingy. She also has selective mutism so won't ask in school to leave to change etc., but it's more the constant crying for the first couple of days, especially as I am working and have to leave her. She was crying so much this morning, the principal had to take her and she didn't even get into class. Any ideas???


Laura - posted on 01/10/2011




Louise is right, consult with your doctor to see if there is something that can be done to help. The severe emotional reaction, though influenced by hormones, seems excessive to say the least. Consulting a trained therapist could help your daughter learn how to deal with her emotions in more positive and appropriate ways.

One last suggestion--watch what your daughter eats! Some foods and food additives can cause reactions in people that include everything from rashes to mood swings. Things to watch for include food dyes, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and flavorings and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Avoid or limit foods with these things in them and see if her emotional swings improve. Hope some of this helps and good luck!

Louise - posted on 01/10/2011




I would take her to the doctors and see what they suggest. I started my periods age 10 and they were very painful and hard to manage. Your doctor may suggest a low dose hormone to help her through. Maybe she needs counceling to talk her way through this. It sucks having periods so young and it does take a long time to come to terms with the fact that this is going to happen for the next 40 years! First step get some medical help. Bless her!


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Caroline - posted on 01/10/2011




Thanks for that girls, might give the doctor a ring. She's very matter of fact about things and then once she gets to about day two, all falls apart. Her sister was only 9 when she started and she gets argumentative so we know when she's due. Maybe I should just stock up on emergency supplies of chocolate. Thanks for the suggestion regarding the food, Laura. She's actually quite a good eater in that she eats a lot of veg etc and I cook from scratch but I might keep an eye on what she eats outside meals. Thanks again.

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