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My twenty two years old daughter does not have a high school diploma.Is there anywhere she might be able to find work without one?


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It does depend what country you live in.
Where I live, working in retail isn't as bad a fast food place. I am a retails manager and the pay is pretty good. I have had worse paying jobs.

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Not really. Like Little Miss said, she can do retail, fast food, maybe a gas station or drug store clerk, but those jobs are not designed to support an adult full time. They are low paying jobs usually held by students who need flexible schedules and have support from parents, or by retirees who are supplementing a pension. They are good jobs, and we need people in them, but they won't pay enough to support her life if that is all she plans to do.
One other option is GoodWill Industries. They have programs where you work for them learning a skill and they will help you finish school.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/19/2013




There are not many opportunities out there. I would try a gas station, retail, or even a fast food place. She really should at least get her ged.

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