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After I had a horrible year and I found out that my husband of 26 years marriage left me for a younger woman, I lost everything I had, and in the process I lost my self-esteem. I am a social service worker as well as an Administrative assistant, but I can't find a job in any of those fields that I received a college diploma for it. I am desparate to find a job and stress is killing me slowly.
I came across this site and I thought someone may be able to help me.
I will be forever grateful.

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It will be one hell of a battle for you to get back on your feet but you can do it don't think that you can Amanda is not there to tell you who you are to be and how you should be you are a strong woman

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I break up is very bad and can be such a turmoil on a woman especially what you went through this is a great opportunity for you to be independent and to get yourself on track you will find a job but don't rely on a man to make you feel who you are or who you are supposed to be when she can get past that you will find a lot of strength within you

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