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I feel for you. Please know that. Its a hard world for any child in this day and age. Next, also know that this is going to sound hard but you need to know this. There is absolutely nothing you can do to force the ex to give up his rights to his child. Even if his visitation is lax to the point of being months or years in not seeing the child. You need to find out from the lawyers if there is a way to see if he could be deemed unfit, if not your hands are tied. If you deny the visits that are set in the parenting plan and I am assuming that was set in court when you did custody and divorce, then you have to abide it or else the ex can come after you on that alone and call it parent alienation. You need to talk to your lawyer. I know its harder for a child with Autism to handle changes. I also know its hard on the parent who has custody of the child trying to handle the situation and explain things. But I would go through the process as it needs to be done until the court date comes and see what happens. You can tell the judge that he has been out of the child's life for ten months with no contact or what little there has been. But again, the judge can decide not to go with the adoption if the father keeps any kind of interest in the kid. How severe is the autism? Is it like Ashbergers or another form? Does change make a big difference to the child? What would the child's doctor or therapists say in this matter? See if those questions can be brought up in the hearing and bring in those that could help your case. I guess that is the best I can offer.

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