Empty nest syndrome

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My daughters have been out of the house for over a decade. Although I've made progress getting over the emptiness, why does it still hurt?


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they are your children....your babies. It might take awhile for you to get used to the house without them. They lived with you for a very loooong time and they were reliant on you....to all of a sudden not have that reliance makes a difference in anyones life! It does get easier with time but i reckon to make it a lot easier for you, you need to get out and do things, get into a hobby or visit friends/family. Keep yourself active....work. Once you are busy, the feeling of emptiness will no longer be there cos you will be too busy to feel it! Everyone will go through this stage in life...not a great stage especially if you are close to your children. My inlaws went from having 3 adult boys in the house to no boys in 2 years...it was a shock to the system for my mother in law because she was soooo used to washing so many clothes and cooking for 5....they kept her extremely busy!!! Now she comes home to an empty house, cook for 2 (not even sometimes, they have toast lol) and then fall asleep on the couch cos she has nothing to do).
It does get easier...it just will take time and you need to keep yourself busy so mentally you are not thinking about it! good luck xo

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